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Princeton Farm Fresh:  The Market is Open

Last week I was excited for Spring- this week leaves me bleary eyed and exhausted. So much to do, so many lambs being born and we are pushing to get everything done. It feels like it all happened at once! Bamm it is Spring, now get to work!!
We are taking turns getting up and checking on the ewes watching and waiting for baby lambs. Hannah and Eric are setting seeds- so many seeds. Jonah is moving animals in paddocks. I am practicing sheep midwiffery, tilling land, fetching compost, and direct sowing seeds.
We have one ewe that has not bonded well with one of her lambs and so I am going out every 3 hours to hold mamma sheep and direct baby to a teat to nurse. I am giving mamma deep massage around her neck and speaking positive words to her as she lets the baby nurse. I am calling this sheep yoga as there are times when I feel like I am standing on my head massaging mamma, stretching out to re-position baby and all the while trying to remain calm and centered so I can keep mamma in the same mind set.
Don’t get me wrong- I can’t imagine doing anything else that gives me such satisfaction. I love being a farmer.
See you on Thursday!

Athens Locally Grown:  ALG Market Open for April 24

Athens Locally Grown

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On Thursdays: Here’s a map.

Market News

After a cold, wet week (yet another in a long series of cold, wet weeks), today was glorious. I still haven’t even started working in my garden this spring, but if we get a few more days like today, I’ll be spending every minute I can in there. There have been a lot of live plants ready to go in the garden these last few weeks at ALG, and it looks like there are still plenty to be had. The average last frost date is past for Athens, so for most of you can start putting all the summer plants out. I’m still expecting some cold out at my place in Franklin County, so I’ll still be putting in more hardy seedlings like cabbage and broccoli.

I don’t have any local food related events coming up on my calendar, but if you know of any, please send them my way. The same goes for any farmers markets you know about that I haven’t listed below.

Thanks so much for your support of Athens Locally Grown, all of our growers, local food, and our rights to eat it. You all are part of what makes Athens such a great area in which to live. We’ll see you on Thursday at Ben’s Bikes at the corner of Pope and Broad Streets from 4:30 to 8pm!

Other Area Farmers Markets

The Athens Farmers Market has opened their Saturday market, and their mid-week market will open later in the year. You can catch the news on their website. The Washington-Wilkes Farmer’s Market in Washington is open every Saturday 9-12 behind the Washington Courthouse. The other area markets I haven’t mentioned are also all closed for the season, so far as I know.

All of these other markets are separate from ALG (including the Athens Farmers Market) but many growers sell at multiple markets. Please support your local farmers and food producers, where ever you’re able to do so!

We thank you for your interest and support of our efforts to bring you the healthiest, the freshest and the most delicious locally-produced foods possible!

Joyful Noise Acres Farm:  JNA Farm Market closes at 8:00pm Monday night

Just a reminder to get your orders in before the market closes.

*Diabetic Friendly Baking *has added a Banana Chia Bread and a gluten free Almond Flour Cream Cheese Pound Cake. They both sound wonderful!

Warmer weather brings the grill out and we did a wonderful beef brisket. We shredded the leftovers for tacos tonight. *Four Mile Farm *has one brisket left, several stew meats and skirt steaks that make great fajitas.

Joyful Noise Acres Farm has stocked the freezer with pork cuts from sausage to chops to ribs. They are all delicious and work on the grill or the crockpot.

Buttercups and *Burr Stone Milling *have stocked the shelves with wonderful butter blends and Organic corn meal, flour and grits. Cheese grits for breakfast is always a hit around here.

Georgia Farm to Table will be delivering their produce boxes. Just for clarity, since we offer nonGMO, non Soy eggs here on the farm, they do not put eggs in the boxes that are delivered here but compensate with extra veggies.

Have a great week and we look forward to seeing you on Wednesday.
Mary Beth

Northeast GA Locally Grown:  Locally Grown Availability for April 23rd, 2014

Hey Local Food Lovers,

I hope all of you had as glorious a week as I had. Today was just beautiful, a great day to enjoy the spring and for me work in the soil around the house transplanting some just emerging plants. That reminds me, one of the many growers I want to highlight this week is Hollman Hollow Farm. How fortunate we are to have a farm that specializes in native plants and herbs. They have 39 listed this week including jewelweed, hostas, sedums, poppy and trliium. It’s been fun to watch them come through as customers order and I’m impressed with their vigor and the diversity. All natives makes it a great choice for our type of market that is trying to be sustainable.

Here’s the other things that made me happy this week. Chocolate marshmellow eggs from Sylvan Falls Mill. I hate I forgot to remind folks to buy these as they come only a few weeks of the year. They are an incredibly tasty treat with organic chocolate that is superb.

I also cut my first asparagus spear this week. It was just one and I brought it home and cut it into 1/2 inch pieces and sauteed in butter until they were brown. Then I ate every single piece with my fingers right out of the pan. So good!

Then Wednesday I got my fresh huge beautiful beets from Burton Mountains Farms and just had to eat them right away. I roasted them (the special way) sauteed the greens just right, and garnished with sour cream mixed with lime juice and chopped cilantro. Trust me it was excellent. To wash that down I baked some cheddar corn muffins two ways, with blue corn and yellow corn from Sylvan Falls Mills. Here’s what both of these treats looked like.

If this looks good and you want to try it the recipes are posted on our FACEBOOK page. I highly encourage all of you to post your own cooking success stories to our FACEBOOK page and I’ll make sure it’s shared so everyone can see it. You should also use our RECIPES section of the website. I did add the cornbread recipe there for those who don’t use facebook.

Ok, what else. Chuck wrote a very good snippet about our Egg Laying practices on Friday that I wanted to follow up on. We may or may not have mentioned to everyone that last fall Locally Grown changed (and by changed I mean improved) it’s guidelines for eggs. We decided that all eggs not only had to come from hens that are raised on fresh grass and moved regularly (ie. pastured), but that they also be fed only organic grains. For the first 3 years of the market we did allow eggs that were fed non-organic corn, which these days means it’s genetically modified corn (or GMO for short – the “o” is for organism). We’d always had some confusion about why some eggs were one price, and others another price. This confusion is now removed since all eggs from now on will be from hens that live outside on fresh grass and eat organic corn (and sometimes soy free too). That means that eggs in our market will be more expensive as the price of organic feed is exactly twice that of GMO feed, not to mention that hens on fresh pasture have to be moved frequently and generally managed more carefully than hens kept in a permanent pen. These are very lucky chickens to live so well and eat such a good diet (all the bugs and grass they can eat). And I’m very lucky to get to eat these delicious eggs, because God knows I could never go back to eating grocery store eggs after all this time. They are so inferior I don’t know where to begin. So I’ll tell this story.

Shortly after moving back to Habersham County in ‘09 I was driving down 441 when I saw two chickens sitting right on the dashed line in the middle of the road with trucks whizzing by at 65 miles an hour. I just couldn’t ignore their miserable plight and stopped to rescue them.

They were the most pitiful things I had ever seen, and not because they were scared for their lives (even though they were). It was because they were covered in excrement and their eyes were all red and crazy looking like they were under incredible stress. I’ve spent lots of time in chicken houses before and the best way to describe how it affects the psychology of the chicken is to call them concentration camp victims. With 10,000 other birds competing for space it’s nothing but stress from birth to death. The houses are enclosed so there’s no natural sunlight. The first and only time they see the sun is when they are back on the truck on the way to the slaughterhouse, only there’s cage after cage of chickens above or below them all pooping on one another.

What was interesting about my rescued bird (the other one had broken his leg and didn’t survive the night) was his transformation over the coming weeks. I built him a pen and watched with great interest as he saw his very first insect, and blade of grass and he got to experience freedom and stretch his wings and legs and run. He became a happy animal.

I named him Highway and we became fast friends (even though I fully intended to eat him once he was plump and happy). I ended up giving him away as like many I find it difficult to eat my friends but he taught me a great lesson. We should eat responsibly as often as we can. An animals happiness and/or suffering is the result of our decisions.

I don’t want to give the wrong impression. I still eat fried chicken from Zaxby’s, Chic Fil A and a whole lot of other places I shouldn’t. It’s hard to be a purist in this world. But I appreciate that there are farmers here locally that bother to raise a chicken the right way. It’s worth a lot, and is absolutely worth every penny that they charge for their products and probably a lot more. I can assure you no one is getting rich, It just requires a lot more time, money, and management to raise food the right way. And .50 an egg is more than fair to me.

So this week I also made those deviled eggs with avocado and bacon that I mentioned last week and they were yum!

Like I said it’s been a good week full of good meals, good moments and happy thoughts for the future.

We’re still looking for a volunteer to help us at the Clarkesville Market once in a while. If you know of a good kind soul that would really enjoy being around good food and folks every once in a while (and getting a very small food stipend as our thanks) let us know. Staring June 6th, I (meaning Justin) will be helping the Gainesville market get started and Teri willl be the new Clarkesville Market Manager. She’s been with us since the very beginning and we’re very excited that she’s willing to get even more involved during this very exciting growth year.

Pickup is extended to 7pm starting this week. Make sure your account has your cell number so we can remind you if you forget (late pickups not allowed).

We greatly appreciate all of you wonderful Local Food Eaters and we hope you have a great week!

Justin in Habersham
Chuck in Rabun

Atlanta Locally Grown:  Available for Saturday April 26

I hope this finds you all doing well. Happy Easter. I hope we are over the last of the frosty temps. I plan to start my transplanting again tomorrow.

We have a few cuts of meat available but are now taking reservation for the next hog shares. We are also going to take reservations for goat shares. I will have them listed in the next few days.

Thank you in advance for your orders. We will see you on Saturday at your selected location.

Thanks again,

Conyers Locally Grown:  Available for Friday April 25

I hope this finds you all doing well. Happy Easter. I hope we are over the last of the frosty temps. I plan to start my transplanting again tomorrow.

We have a few cuts of meat available but are now taking reservation for the next hog shares. We are also going to take reservations for goat shares. I will have them listed in the next few days.

Thank you in advance for your orders. We will see you on Friday between 5-7 at copy central, 1264 Parker road.

Thanks again,

South Cumberland Food Hub:  Lettuce is Here!

This week Green Door Gourmet has organic red and green lettuces available.

White City produce has frozen Scupadine grapes by the gallon. These are wonderful for making sauces and juice. They also have some broccoli and cabbage plants for sale by the flat. They also have turnips, broccoli and cabbage heads, tomatoes and green peppers.

Sequatchie Cove Farm has Lamb back on the market. You can get ground or stew meat, legs, shoulders and bones for stock.

Check out the whole list here:
Click here to go directly to the Rootedhere Locally Grown Market Page

Have a wonderful day!


Tullahoma Locally Grown:  Salad Mix

Zion Gardens has organic salad mix this week. This week’s mix will have baby sizes of red russian kale, purple mustard, mizuna, arugula, mixed lettuces, watercress, pac choi, and red beet tops. All are organically grown in my high tunnel which makes for a tender leaf and delicious taste.

Get started here: Tullahoma Locally Grown Market

Have a great week!

Fresh Harvest, LLC:  NO FRESH HARVEST THIS WEEK of April 20th

To Contact Us

Fresh Harvest, LLC
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Email us!
Tallahassee May


Market News


We hope you have had a lovely Holy Week and Easter weekend. The weather has certainly been just perfect, and this spring just couldn’t be any prettier.

There will be no deliveries this week. We are very low on produce at this time. However, things are looking great for the weeks ahead. We will have herb starts for your garden next week, and we are looking forward to the strawberries coming in!

We’ll be busy this week getting crops in the ground for the summer season. Won’t be long and we’ll be overloaded with veggies and flowers!

Once again, thanks so much for your support, and we look forward to seeing you next Wednesday!

John and Tallahassee

Coming Events

We thank you for your interest and support of our efforts to bring you the healthiest, the freshest and the most delicious locally-produced foods possible!

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Local Farms First:  Last chance to order!

Greetings Local Farms First food lovers!

Order the first spring greens and veggies of the season and support local producers who work hard to provide the gunnison valley with organic items! This is your last chance to order!

Also remember…

There is a new pick up location for Crested Butte!! It is the DAILY DOSE right next to Clarks Grocery Store! This new juice bar will be the new location for the whole winter! Also, there will be different dates to pick up your orders.

Thanks for supporting local family farms,
Amy Konash- Market Manager – a 501c3 non-profit
click here to start shopping on the website: