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Stones River Market:  Time to Order Local Food - Schedule Updates

Stones River Market

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On Wednesdays: Here’s a map.

Market News

Welcome back to another week of locally grown and made products. Here is an update to the schedule for the rest of 2014.

  • This week there will be no changes to the schedule for Murfreesboro and Nashville customers, however it is the last week that Nashville customers can order for the rest of the year.
  • Next week, ordering will still take place on Sunday and Monday, but pick up will be moved to Tuesday, December 23 for Murfreesboro customers. There will be no deliveries to Nashville since it will be Christmas Day.
  • The following week which includes New Years’ Day, ordering stays the same. Pick up will be Wednesday, December 31 for Murfreesboro customers. There will be no deliveries for Nashville since it will be New Years’ Day.

Other news from the farmers:
Ridiculous Chocolate is on vacation this week, but will return next week if you need any of his products for gifts or events you are attending.

Rainbow Hill Farm wants me to let you know this will be their last week on the Market for a little while. If you enjoy their apples, you need to get them this week. They want to thank everyone for their support this year.

Wedge Oak Farm has added some artisan sausages to the Market this week.

From Linda with Dogwood Valley Greenhouse:

We are taking orders through December 22 for beautiful Christmas kissing balls. Made with live greens and other natural materials, these balls are about 18" in diameter and come in three styles, shown on the market. Each one is mounted on a sturdy hanger and includes a festive red ribbon bow. They are suitable to hang on a shepherd’s crook or from a chain for a beautiful outside Christmas decoration.

Make a collection of common culinary herbs, to give as a gift or to keep for yourself. Please see the description under ‘Gift Baskets & Certificates,’ ‘Herb Plants – Baskets & Planters,’ ‘Live Plants – Herb Plants – Baskets & Planters,’ or ‘Seasonal Items’; and specify your choice of herbs. We have a good selection of herbs available, and have expanded the list from last year. Included are:

  • Mints (chocolate, peppermint, pineapple [variegated], spearmint, grapefruit)
  • Oregano (Greek or variegated)
  • Rue
  • Rosemary
  • Sage, Garden
  • Thyme (Lemon, English, silver-edged, citrus, lime)
  • Lemon balm
  • Stevia (small but healthy)

If intended as a gift, please order your herb collection early to allow time for custom preparation. Please specify basket or planter (basket shown). Includes container, and will make a unique living Christmas centerpiece as well.

If you are looking for holiday gifts on the Market, here are some different ideas from our vendors:

Carol’s Vibration Cooking has a Christmas Lotion Bar and Soap
Hidden Blessings has a wide variety of skin care products including soaps, bath soaks, lip balms and scrubs.
You can find a wide variety of coffees and teas from Nuance Coffee & Tea.
Cedar Thicket Farm has organic vanilla still available.

There are plenty of other products available this week. Browse the categories to see what your will find.

Thanks so much for your support of Stones River Market, all of our growers, local food, and our rights to eat it. We’ll see you on Wednesday at Southern Stained Glass at 310 West Main Street from 5:00 to 6: 30 pm!


Please, share your recipes with us on the Recipes tab. We’d all love to know how you use your Stones River Market products, so we can try it too! If you have created a dish and want to share with everyone, please send it to me.

I am taking a break from recipes. Look for them to return soon.

I thank you for your interest and support of our efforts to bring you the healthiest, the freshest and the most delicious locally-produced foods possible!


See the complete list of products at

Champaign, OH:  Homeward Bound

Homeward bound…
Home where my thought’s escaping…
Home where my music’s playing…
(Homeward Bound-Simon and Garfunkel)

Home…isn’t that where our thoughts take us at this time of year? Maybe you are already home, maybe you are trying to get home, maybe your thoughts are just taking you back to a time when you were home…

Today, I welcome back my lovely co-ed, who is homeward bound, as I type. She is in flight from Milan to New York. She has been gone since the beginning of September. She took off with the wings that I gave her and now she is on her way back after having life experiences that she will cherish, forever.

Home is where the love is, home is where the comfort is, the love light is always on.

Lately, I have been experiencing similar thoughts of home, and the community that we have, right here, that I am so entrenched in. For the past year, I have used my wings to expand my own business, enjoying new territory, and accomplishing goals. I have also continued all of my work that I do for this town, this market, my local venues. Sometimes, it takes an adventure or an experience to make you stop, look around, and appreciate the welcoming arms of the familiar.

Today, while I celebrate feelings of homecomings, I also celebrate this little local market of love. We have carved out a little market family of vendors, customers, volunteers, the YMCA…I celebrate that we have become your own hometown market. Your hometown way to shop. Your local love light that you look to when you want ease, local, trust, nutrition, and all things good for your soul.

We are open, just for this week, and then we close for the two weeks of the holiday season. Make your lists, get your orders in, remember that we are here to make your lives easy, stress free, and full of local goodness. Look to us when you think of home…

Peace and Love,
Cosmic Pam

Conway, AR:  Opening Bell: Coffee, Bratwurst, Cabbage...

Good afternoon,
This is the last market for 2014! Lots of great products available. Also, we plan to start 2015 off right by having a market pick-up on Friday, January 2nd. Ordering will be open on Sunday, December 28th at 6pm.

Available now!: ONLINE PAYMENT OPTION. When you are done shopping, just hit the “proceed to checkout” button in your cart. You will then see the option to “Pay Now” with credit card near the bottom. Just follow the prompts to add your card. Be sure to read the screen until you see “Thank you for your order” on the top. If you need help, please call 339-7958. A 3% online payment convenience fee will be added when your card is charged.

Check out all the Featured Products and use the SEARCH field on the main Market page to quickly find the items you want.

Come early on Friday for the best selection from the EXTRAS table.

The market is now OPEN for orders. Please check your email about 5 minutes after you place your order to make sure you get an order confirmation. Thank you for being a valuable part of CLG!

Have a great week!

How to contact us:


Phone or text: Steve – 501-339-1039

Email: Steve –

Our Website:

On Twitter: @conwaygrown

On Facebook:

Manchester Locally Grown:  Manchester Locally Grown Online Farmer's Market - It's Time to Order

Manchester Locally Grown Farmers’ Market

How to contact us:
Our Website:
On Facebook: Manchester Locally Grown Online Farmers’ Market
By e-mail:
By phone: (931) 273-9708
On Thursdays: Here’s a map.

Good morning, everyone,

Welcome to another week of shopping at Manchester Locally Grown online farmers’ market. We are now open for ordering.

A message from Dogwood Valley Greenhouse:

DOGWOOD VALLEY GREENHOUSE is taking orders through December 22 for beautiful Christmas kissing balls. Made with live greens and other natural materials, these balls are about 18" in diameter and come in three styles, shown on the market. Each one is mounted on a sturdy hanger and includes a festive red ribbon bow. They are suitable to hang on a shepherd’s crook or from a chain for a beautiful outside Christmas decoration.

Make a collection of common culinary herbs to give as a gift or to keep for yourself. We have a good selection of herbs available and have expanded the list from last year’s description.

Mints (chocolate, peppermint, pineapple [variegated], spearmint, grapefruit)
Oregano (Greek or variegated)
Sage, Garden
Thyme (Lemon, English, silver-edged, citrus, lime)
Lemon balm
Stevia (small but healthy)

Please see the description under “Planters and Baskets,” and specify your choice of herbs. If intended as a gift, please order your herb collection early to allow time for custom preparation. Includes planter and will make a unique living Christmas centerpiece as well.

White City Produce and Greenhouses has added beautiful Christmas cacti to the market this week. Their cider and jelly are just some of the great locally-produced Christmas gifts we have on the market. Other good gift ideas from various farmers include herbal bath & body products, local honey, and handmade craft items. Don’t forget the delicious local baked goods, pork products, fresh-laid chicken & duck eggs, and fabulous winter vegetables on our market. Give them a try! Also remember our Gift Certificates available in any denomination for Christmas or other gifts.

And lastly, let us know if you are interested in a beautiful live Christmas wreath, made in three sizes and decorated by Petalland in Moore County. These are not currently listed on the market, but arrangements can be made to have them delivered to our market if you would like one.


  • Growers can sometimes remove items at the last minute, affecting your invoice. Please wait to make out your check until your total is established at market.
  • If you do not receive an order confirmation within 5 minutes, your order has NOT been placed in the system. Log back in and press the Place Your Order button; then you should receive an e-mail to confirm the order. E-MAIL US at OR CALL US at (931) 273-9708 if the problem persists so you will not be disappointed on market day.
  • Take a look at our offerings and support your friends and neighbors who produce these quality items on their own farms. Remember: ordering will close on Wednesday at 10 p.m..
  • A sampling of items available from our local farmers: (L to R) Fresh Christmas Wreath from Petalland (available by request to market manager), Open-range Brown Eggs from Wayne Diller, Herb Plant Collection and Christmas Kissing Ball from Dogwood Valley Greenhouse, Honey from Steve’s Bees.

    We’ll see you for pickup of your order on Thursday between 3:00 and 4:30 at Square Books, 113 E Main, Manchester. We can also hold your order in the refrigerator till Friday morning, if that’s more convenient for you. Just call (931) 273-9708 if you prefer to utilize this free service. Square Books will be open on Friday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

    Thanks so much for your support of Manchester Locally Grown Market, all of our growers, local food, and our right to eat it. Please encourage our local farmers by helping to spread the word about our wonderful market to everyone you know. Nothing makes a farmer more excited than seeing new customers on the market!


    Here is the complete list for this week.

    South Cumberland Farmer's Market:  Additional Market Announcements

    We have additional announcements for market this week:

    The Grundy County/Tracy City Farmers Market will have 6 pumpkin pies
    for sale over the next 2 weeks and can be delivered this week or next. Just specify which week in a Note to the Grower for Browns Hollar.

    Also, Browns Hollar has black walnut cakes for Christmas for this week, as well as spinanch and red chard.

    Nature’s Wealth For Your Health has a special on chickens in the 5.0-5.5, 5.5-6.0, and 6.0-6.5 sizes: $13, $14, and $16, respectively.

    Siloam Springs, AR:  Online Market is Open!

    Need any last minute gifts or stocking stuffers? The online market offers many hand crafted items – knitted scarves, hats, head bands, hand made bar soaps, foaming soaps, laundry detergent, sugar scrubs, hand sanitizer, and more. There are also artisan baked goods, jams and jellies, almond roca, hand crafted wreaths, wood crafts, market shopping bags, t-shirts, and stickers.

    We would like to welcome Hazel Valley Handmade to our market. Check out the beautiful, hand knitted items.

    Don’t forget to order your the meats, eggs, and baked goods that you will need for your Christmas meal. There is so much to choose from!

    The market will be open the Saturdays following Christmas and New Year’s day so you will be able to continue to plan for your regular shopping needs.



    Market At Dothan_Eating Locally, Year Round


    Market At Dothan Locally Grown

    How to contact us:’
    Our Website:
    On Facebook:

    Market News

    THANK YOU to all of our loyal customers and friends who supported Market At Dothan in 2014.
    Market At Dothan Vendors are grateful for & humbled by your support of local products & local businesses. We wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

    “This year has been an amazing year for me in the market. I want to thank the market managers and all the people that have supported my small business. I appreciate each and every order and every customer. I wish you a very happy season with your family and friends and hope you have peace and joy through the coming year…Many Thanks!!!! Marys Peeps, & Mary Bees. Mary Dale Peeples, Echo community, Ozark, Al. 36360”

    Market At Dothan is now Closed for the holidays. Online Ordering will reopen Saturday, JANUARY 10, 2015 @5pm.
    Stay tuned for a big announcement!!!

    “Locally raised in Abbeville, AL. Grass Fed and Grass Finished. Our cattle are never given hormones, any type of steroids or growth enhancing medications. We do not feed them corn, chicken litter or cotton gin waste. Their diet is grass and hay. We give them minerals and salt as needed. We vaccinate them for diseases and parasites under the oversight of a veterinarian. Our meat is inspected and approved during processing by a USDA inspector and carries the USDA seal of certification.”


    PLEASE SUPPORT these LOCAL businesses! “It’s not hard to support your local economy. Just shift your spending to local independents. Every bit counts.” #ShopLocal. Order Online @

    Now accepting Debit & Credit cards @ Market at Dothan when you PICK UP your order. Using SQUARE, is a FLEXIBLE payment option that allows you to get receipts via email or text message. EASY & CONVENIENT way to pay!

    EASY & CONVENIENT Online Ordering @

    Farm to Table Recipes

    Sautéed Greens with Pine Nuts and Raisins Recipe
    Yield: Serves 2,

    1/4 cup pine nuts
    2 Tbsp olive oil
    4 garlic cloves, minced
    1/4 cup golden raisins
    1 bunch kale, chard, collards, or turnip greens, etc., about 1 pound, tough stem centers removed (if any) and discarded, greens chopped
    1/2 to 1 teaspoon red pepper flakes
    Roughly 1/2 cup dry white wine or water
    Salt and pepper to taste
    1 Heat a large sauté pan hot on medium-high heat and add the pine nuts. Toast until fragrant and begin to brown…pine nuts burn easily. Stir or toss the nuts frequently. Once they are toasted, remove from pan and set aside.
    2 Add the olive oil to the pan and swirl it around. Add the garlic and sauté for 30 seconds; the pan should already be hot, so it won’t take long for the garlic to begin to brown. Add back the pine nuts, add the raisins and the greens and mix well. Sauté, stirring often, until the greens wilt and begin to give up some of their water, anywhere from 1-2 minutes for spinach to 4-5 minutes for collards or kale.
    3 Sprinkle salt and red pepper flakes on the greens. Add the white wine (can substitute water)—use a little more wine if you are cooking collards, a little less if you are cooking spinach. Toss to combine and let the liquid boil away, remove from heat. Add salt and pepper to taste.

    StPete.LocallyGrown.Net:  Market NOW Open - Dec. 15, 2014- Closed next TWO weeks

    From our Market to your Holiday Home, savor the moments. Lots of LUSCIOUS delights this week!

    Ready To Order?

    sign in & shop now
    FIRST TIME CUSTOMERS You are invited to watch our Market Tutorial before you begin. If you do not receive an email confirmation immediately after you order, then you did not click the SUBMIT ORDER button and

    Market Calendars Now Available!

    Here’s your chance to capture the past year in pictures as Growers, Volunteers, and Customers come together to make this wonderful adventure called “St. Pete Locally Grown” a memorable keepsake for just $12. Supply is limited. NOTE: Active Volunteers are going to get this calendar at cost. Order through the Market and I will adjust your invoice accordingly.

    Message from Your Market Manager

    We are delayed in posting all the pork that is available this week. I will have it posted by Tuesday night and send out a blast to all who have already ordered. Perhaps you’ll want mouth watering chops for Christmas Eve?

    Please order this week for all your Holiday dining needs. Spaghetti squash, red AND white potatoes, green beans, all types of kales and mustards, tomatoes, lettuces, turnips, shallots, ginger, garlic, apples, pears, and STRAWBERRIES. Not to mention all the fabulous Asian greens and Chinese cabbage varieties now available. Don’t miss your chance to stock up!

    We will be closed the weeks of Christmas and New Years. We will re-open to take your orders on Jan. 5th. This calendar shows all the “green” weeks that our Market will be open in 2015. Suggest that you save the link as a favorite!

    Here are local holiday gift ideas from the growers who sell through our Market!

    Strawberries from Plant City’s Strawberry Passion Farms in addition to braeburn & fuji apples, sour oranges, red d’anjou pears, starfruit, Medjool dates, ripe papayas, and sugar cane. Make your own gift basket from our Market’s fresh fruit, much of it local!

    Once you have submitted your order, if in doubt about what you owe, you can always confirm what you have been charged for by checking your account history and viewing your most current invoice. Instructions on how to do that are on our Q&A page under the question entitled Since you don’t provide an invoice with delivery, how do I know what I owe? Also, since your vegetables are picked fresh within 24 hours of delivery, they should be lasting for WEEKS in your refrigerator. When you accept delivery, please take a few minutes to inspect your order to protect your vegetables from unnecessary spoilage. Lastly, it is imperative that you understand our policy on Unclaimed Orders found on our Q&A page. When you make a purchase you are agreeing to abide by this policy.

    Our Market has high standards for what it sells. Despite that—as seasons transition—the challenges of evolving weather and pesky insects can take its toll on the crops. Market Growers are being very selective about what they are willing to present to you. No, it won’t always be picture perfect (which is part of its charm) and sometimes an insect is going to evade capture! But we won’t send you anything that we wouldn’t eat ourselves. If for any reason we have goofed and you are dissatisfied, please report it to me right away so we can rectify the situation. That’s how we get better and we all benefit from that. Your satisfaction is key to our success as a resource for St. Petersburgs’ lovers of chemical-free, organically & locally grown vegetables.

    Upcoming Events

    All these and more are posted on our Calendar of Events


    • “Successful Urban Farming in St. Petersburg” on Jan. 10th, 1-3PM Cost $35/$25. RSVP NOW
    • REAL DIRT: Make Your Own” on Jan. 17th, 1-3PM Cost $35/$25. RSVP NOW
    • “Monthly Potluck Social”, Jan 24th, Nathan’s Garden Tour Begins at 5:30PM for active Market customers, growers, and volunteers. BY e-vite ONLY. Our Speaker is Kathleen Wheeler who is going to share her extensive experience with fermenting foods for the past few years and how that has impacted her health & well-being. Should be a good one!

    Volunteer Opportunities

    We are currently organizing our volunteer needs by Grower and by Market. So when you are interested in learning how to garden and/or how to run an urban market—including a model for great delivery service for the Market—consider volunteering for the organizations below. Check back for more Growers to be listed.
    Nathan’s Natural Veggies
    Pioneer Settlement Garden
    St. Pete Locally Grown Market

    We thank you for your interest and support of our efforts to bring you the healthiest, the freshest and the most delicious locally-produced foods possible!

    Naples,FL:  Market will close soon please get orders in

    Please get your orders in

    Spa City Local Farm Market Co-op:  The market is open for ordering

    sorry, the glitch must be with mine. all customers orders are working. sorry for the delay. See you Friday.